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Business alternative to Spotify
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Business alternative to Spotify

Spotify is a consumer music streaming service. This means that you are not allowed to use Spotify for commercial purposes because you would not be paying the proper music royalties. As a result, artists don't get the compensation they deserve. You can also be fined for this. BCM Stream is the business alternative to Spotify. Get your music just right with the streaming service for the business market.


We challenge you...

Many business owners also want things done nicely and for artists to get their compensation. We then regularly get asked if we can convert Spotify lists to our own lists for the BCM music computer or BCM Stream. Our question to this is then, "Why would you want this?".

The answer to this is almost always the same: "Because this is what we are used to."

We believe that our playlists are of high quality. This ensures that you can create the right atmosphere with the right variety. That's why we like to challenge you to first try BCM's music programming and experience what it can bring you. Do you still have questions or would you like to add songs? Then we will be happy to organize this for you.

BCM Stream is a 100% legal music service for business use.

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