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Spotify use in the hospitality industry: rules, risks and alternatives

Playing music in the hospitality industry is an essential part of the atmosphere and experience you want to provide to your customers. Many business owners choose user-friendly services like Spotify to play their music. But are you actually allowed to use Spotify in the hospitality industry? What are the rules of Buma Stemra and what fines can you expect if you violate these rules? And what are the alternatives, such as BCM Stream? In this article, we answer all these questions.

Can you use Spotify in the hospitality industry?

Spotify is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of music, but Spotify's terms of use are clear: the service is intended for personal use. This means that playing music through Spotify in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant, cafe or bar, is not allowed. This is because the licensing agreements Spotify has with music producers and artists are specifically for personal, non-commercial use.

When to do it and when not to do it?


  • Home use: You can use Spotify in your own home or for private parties without any problems.
  • Personal use: Use with personal devices and for individual listening pleasure.

Not permitted:

  • Hospitality and other commercial settings: Restaurants, cafes, bars, stores and other commercial settings may not use Spotify to play music.

What does Buma Stemra say about Spotify in the hospitality industry?

Buma Stemra is the Dutch copyright society that deals with collecting fees for the use of musical works. They argue that separate licenses are needed for public playback of music in commercial environments, such as the hospitality industry. These licenses ensure that artists and rights holders receive fair compensation for the use of their works.

According to Buma Stemra, the use of Spotify in the hospitality industry is not allowed because the service does not offer commercial licenses. So companies must find another solution that does have the right licenses to play music publicly.

What fine can you expect?

If you are a hospitality establishment caught using Spotify without the proper licenses, you run the risk of hefty fines. Buma Stemra can carry out checks and impose penalties. Fines can vary depending on the severity of the offense, but can amount to thousands of euros. This is in addition to any damages that artists or rights holders may claim.

So it is very important to comply with the regulations and purchase the right licenses to avoid legal problems.

The Spotify alternative: BCM Stream

A legal and user-friendly alternative to Spotify in the hospitality industry is BCM Stream. Designed specifically for playing music in commercial settings, BCM Stream meets all legal requirements, including the necessary licenses from Buma Stemra and other rights organizations.

Benefits of BCM Stream:

  • Full licenses: BCM Stream ensures that all copyrights are covered, so you can play music legally in your hospitality venue.
  • Large music selection: Like Spotify, BCM Stream offers an extensive music library of different genres and artists.
  • Ease of use: The service is designed for easy use, with options to create playlists and play music through various devices.
  • Customizable ambience: With BCM Stream, you can adjust the music to suit the mood and time of day, adding to your guests' experience.

By choosing BCM Stream, you not only avoid legal problems, but also support artists and music producers by giving them fair compensation for their work.


While Spotify is an excellent service for personal use, it is not suitable for commercial use in the hospitality industry. It is important to follow Buma Stemra's regulations and choose services that do offer proper licensing, such as BCM Stream. By taking the right steps, you can offer your clients a great musical experience without risking fines or legal complications. Always make sure you are well informed about the rules and options available so your business can play music legally and ethically.

BCM Stream is a 100% legal music service for business use.

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