Business streaming service for hospitality industry
Business streaming service for hospitality industry
The business streaming service for the hospitality industry

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Business hospitality streaming service

Are you looking for music for the hospitality industry? A business alternative to consumer streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music? Then you have come to the right website. BCM Stream is the 100% legal business streaming service for the hospitality industry. Easy to install on your own Windows computer and you can play music right away. A subscription can be cancelled each month so it is also very suitable for seasonal businesses.


How does it work?

You can try BCM Stream for free for 14 days. Ask for the BCM Stream Easy or Pro trial . If you like it, take out a subscription to continue using BCM Stream. Do you only need background music? Then the Stream Easy is a good option. The Easy can also be used as a web player. No need to install the software, just open the Stream player in your browser. The web player is also suitable for Apple users.


Differences between Easy and Pro

The BCM Stream Easy is, as its name implies, the easy player. You select one or more music lists and the player starts playing. Simple after all!

The BCM Stream Pro is for the people who want a little more interaction with the music. Adding requests (possibly with the Request App), making your own lists and a smart search function are things that can be done with the Pro. The Pro is not (yet) available as a web player, but this is being worked on.



If you have a hospitality business and want to play music legally, try BCM Stream. With ready-made lists of music for hospitality, business, retail and fitness centers, you will always have the right music.

Start BCM Stream now

Try BCM Stream for free and make use of all its possibilities. You can discover both the Easy and the Pro without any obligations or automatic renewal. Already convinced? Order now.